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Business Game Rules Book

Business Game Rules Book

Business is sometimes referred to as a game, and there is no doubt that it is a game to the man who takes a genuine interest in his business. It is not only interesting and enjoyable, but also fascinating. Dollars are merely pawns in that game; they are not the prizes up for grabs. It is true that having money increases one’s power and influence — it is merely a means to an end.

However, in such a game, the interested player seeks wealth not for its own sake, but to improve his position in that great game — the game of business.

Each player in the business game, as in all other games, tries his hardest to win. That is, of course, the correct attitude, though it is not without risk.

Some men’s desire to win is so strong that it can become a controlling obsession, and they lose interest in how they win. This could occur during a football game, a card game, or any other competition.

We call it unsportsmanlike behavior when a participant in a sport is so eager to win that he is willing to break the rules of the game if necessary. He’s no longer a true competitor. It’s best if he’s kicked out of the game as soon as possible.
This holds true for business players just as much as it does for anyone else. The person who offends the community by breaking the rules should be expelled.

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