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Bihar IT Policy 2024
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Bihar IT Policy 2024

The Nitish government unveiled the Bihar IT Policy 2024, which will generate thousands of employment and allow Bihari youngsters who are employed in the IT sector elsewhere in the nation to return and work in their home state. Under the New IT Policy, the companies, investors, and employment generators who invest between INR 5 to 30 crore will get 30% of their investment as a subsidy from the Bihar government.

As per the New IT Policy, the Bihar government is offering Rs. 5000 as a subsidy for ESI/EPF deposits that the investing companies make on behalf of their employees. For investments between INR 100 crore and INR 1000 crore, the Bihar government is ready to negotiate a “Tailor Made Package” with the investors and IT companies.

Bihar IT Policy 2024 Highlights

  • Bihar IT Policy 2024 will create lakhs of jobs and will enable the youth of Bihar who are working in the IT sector in other parts of the country to come back and work in their state.
  • The Bihar IT Policy 2024 will prove to be a milestone in the development of the IT sector in Bihar.
  • The industrialists who invest in Bihar’s IT sector will get a subsidy of up to 30%. The IT Secretary also informed that the investors and companies will not face any office space-related problems.
  • The Bihar Industrial Area Development Authority has enough land to cater to the needs of the IT industries

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