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B.Tech Courses List 2024

All B.Tech Courses List

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) is an Undergraduate Engineering Degree that is awarded to the candidates after completing 4 Years of study in a specific field.

Latest Engineering Courses List

S. No. Course Name Course Duration Specialization
1 B.Tech. (Aerospace Engineering) 4 Years Aero Engineering Thermodynamics, Introduction to Aero Space Engineering, Satellites and Space System Design, Rockets and Missiles.
2 B.Tech. (Agricultural and Food Engineering) 3 Years
3 B.Tech. (Agricultural Engineering) 4 Years Environment and Ecology, Engineering Thermodynamics, Material Science, Strength of Materials, Soil Mechanics, Hydrology.
4 B.Tech. (Agricultural Information Technology) 4 Years
5 B.Tech. (Apparel Production Management) 4 Years
6 B.Tech. (Applied Electronics and Instrumentation) 4 Years Network Theory, Solid State devices, Basic Electronics Engineering & Information Technology, Signal Communication.
7 B.Tech. (Applied Mechanics) 4 Years Electro-Techniques, Basic Thermo-fluids, Workshop Technology, Applied Thermodynamics, Industrial Engineering.
8 B.Tech. (Architectural Engineering) 4 Years Material Science, Value Education, Principles of Environmental Science, Architectural Graphics.
9 B.Tech. (Automobile Engineering) 4 Years Electronics and Instrumentation, Manufacturing Technology, Mechanics of Solids, Machines and Mechanisms.
10 B.Tech. (Automotive Design Engineering) 4 Years Introduction to Transportation Systems, Components of Automotive Chassis, Kinematics & Dynamic Machine, Manufacturing Technology.
11 B.Tech. (Avionics Engineering) 4 Years Engineering Materials, Engineering Graphics, Analogue Electronic Circuit, Signal and Systems, Digital Communication.
12 B.Tech. (Biochemical Engineering) 4 Years Biomedical Instrumentation, Basic Medical Instrumentation, Biochemistry and Biophysics, Bio Transducers and Electrodes.
13 B.Tech. (Bioinformatics) 4 Years Structural Chemistry, Bioinformatics Algorithms, Molecular Biology & Genetics, Immunology, Biophysical Chemistry.
14 B.Tech. (Biomedical Engineering) 4 Years Human Anatomy & Physiology, Dynamics of Bio-fluids, Embedded systems in Medicine, Medical Informatics and expert systems, Biomedical Signal Processing.
15 B.Tech. (Biomedical Instrumentation) 4 Years Medical Imaging, Physiologic Modelling, Prosthetic Devices, Physiologic Control, Artificial Organs.
16 B.Tech. (Bioprocess Technology) 4 Years Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Enzyme Engineering, Biochemical and Engineering Thermodynamics.
17 B.Tech. (Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering) 4 Years Microbiology, Industrial Microbiology & Enzyme Technology, Agriculture, Medicine, Cell & Molecular Biology.
18 B.Tech. (Biotechnology) 4 Years Biomedical Instrumentation, Introduction to Medical Physics, Medical Imaging Techniques, Basic Pathology and Basic Microbiology, Virtual Instrumentation.
19 B.Tech. (Carpet and Textile Technology) 4 Years Yarn Manufacture, Carpet Manufacture, Textile Testing, Fibre Science, Textile Mechanics.
20 B.Tech. (Ceramic Technology) 4 Years Planning and developing processing systems, Planning and implementation of processing methodologies, Research and development of the ceramic materials.
21 B.Tech. (Ceramic and Cement Technology) 4 Years
22 B.Tech. (Chemical Engineering) 4 Years Fertilizer Technology, Food Technology, Drugs, and Pharmaceutical Technology, Polymer and Plastics Technology.
23 B.Tech. (Chemical Science and Technology) 4 Years Plant Design, Engineering Thermodynamics, Process Analysis and Control, Separation Processes, Chemical Kinetics.
24 B.Tech. (Civil Engineering) 4 Years Engineering Economics, Civil Engineering Materials, and Building Construction, Soil Mechanics, Concrete Structure Design.
25 B.Tech. (Civil Infrastructure Engineering) 4 Years Hydraulic Structures, Advanced Surveying and Remote Sensing, Construction Equipment, Tall Building Structures, Transportation Engineering.
26 B.Tech. (Cloud Computing & Virtualization Technology) 4 Years
27 B.Tech. (Computer and Information Science) 3 Years DataBase Management System, Computer Organization, Software Engineering, Interactive Computer Graphics.
28 B.Tech. (Computer Engineering) 4 Years C & Data Structures, Computers and Information Technology, Managerial Economics and Accountancy, System Programming.
29 B.Tech. (Computer Science and Engineering) 4 Years Computer Graphics, Computer Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Organization.
30 B.Tech. (Dairy Technology) 4 Years Dairy Process Engineering, Dairy Plant Design, and Layout, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Food Engineering.
31 B.Tech. (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) 4 Years Basic System Analysis, Thermal & Hydraulic Machines, Network Analysis and Synthesis, Control Systems, Power System Analysis.
32 B.Tech. (Electrical Engineering) 4 Years Applied Thermodynamics, Circuit Theory, Digital Circuits, Analogue Circuits, Managerial Economics.
33 B.Tech. (Electronics and Communication Engineering) 4 Years Electronics Engineering, Manufacturing Process, Electrical Technology, Engineering Mechanics, Signals & Systems.
34 B.Tech. (Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering) 4 Years Robotics, Telecommunication, Biomedical, and Computer Control in Process applications, VLSI, Fibre Optics.
35 B.Tech. (Electronics and Media Technology) 4 Years Electromagnetic Fields, Signals & Systems, Network Analysis, Digital Communication Systems, Microprocessor Engineering.
36 B.Tech. (Electronics and Nanotechnology) 4 Years Bio-Nanotechnology, Advanced Electronics, and Instrumentation, Nano-photonics, Nano-toxicology.
37 B.Tech. (Electronics and Telecom Engineering) 4 Years Solid State Devices, Microprocessors, Analogue Integrated Circuits, Analogue and Digital Transmission & Reception of Data.
38 B.Tech. (Electronics Engineering) 4 Years Network Analysis, Analogue Circuits & Systems, Electromagnetic Fields, Electrical Circuits & Systems.
39 B.Tech. (Energy Engineering) 4 Years Digital Electronic Circuits, Energy Resources & Technology, Power Systems, Heat Transfer, Solar Energy Technology.
40 B.Tech. (Energy Technology) 3 Years Thermodynamics, Energy Resources & Technology, Power Electronics & Drives, Solar Energy Technology, Energy Conversion Processes.
41 B.Tech. (Engineering Physics) 4 Years Quantum Mechanics, Biophysics, Atomic & Molecular Spectroscopy, Computational Physics, Engineering Optics.
42 B.Tech. (Environmental Engineering) 4 Years Instrumental Analysis, Mechanics of Solids, Water Engineering, Solid Waste Management, Environmental Science & Biochemistry.
43 B.Tech. (Fashion and Lifestyle Design) (FLD) 4 Years
44 B.Tech. (Fashion Technology) 4 Years Basic Textiles, Fashion Model Drawing, Fabric Manufacturing, Basic Sewing, Dyeing & Printing, Fashion Marketing.
45 B.Tech. (Food Process Engineering) 4 Years Production Technology of Field Crops, General Microbiology, Basic Horticulture, Principles of Biochemistry, Heat Power Engineering.
46 B.Tech. (Food Science) 4 Years Basic Nutrition, Food Microbiology, Fruits and Vegetable Technology, Food Engineering.
47 B.Tech. (Food Technology) 4 Years Dairy Plant Engineering, Biochemistry of Processing & Preservation, Food Fermentation Technology, Food Industry Waste Management.
48 B.Tech. (Footwear Technology) 4 Years
49 B.Tech. (Genetic Engineering) 4 Years Principles of Environmental Science, Cell Biology, Enzyme Technology, Immunology, Genetics, and Cytogenetics.
50 B.Tech. (Geo Informatics Engineering) 4 Years Photogrammetry, Surveying, Introduction to Environmental Engineering, Geo-Databases, GIS Programming.
51 B.Tech. (Geo Sciences Engineering) 4 Years Planning & Surveying, Statistical Method in Geosciences, Sedimentology, Geo-Thermal Science, Soil Mechanics, and Foundation Engineering.
52 B.Tech. (Hons.) (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) 4 Years Electrical Measurements & Measuring Instruments, Microprocessors, Engineering & Managerial Economics, Data Communication Networks.
53 B.Tech. (Hons.) (Industrial and Production Engineering) 4 Years Casting, Forming & Welding, Design of Machine Elements, Manufacturing Processes, Industrial Automation.
54 B.Tech. (Hons.) Mechanical Engineering 4 Years Theory of Machines, Dynamics of Machinery, Fluid Mechanics, Fluid Machines, Advanced Solid Mechanics.
55 B.Tech. (Hons.) Agricultural Engineering 4 Years Environment and Ecology, Engineering Thermodynamics, Material Science, Fluid Mechanics, Soil Mechanics.
56 B.Tech. (Hons.) Automobile Engineering 4 Years Materials Technology, Theory of Automotive Engines, Fluid Power Control, Automotive Electrical Systems, Automotive Transmission.
57 B.Tech. (Hons.) Biotechnology 4 Years Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, Biomedical Instrumentation, Medical Imaging Techniques, Basic Pathology, and Basic Microbiology.
58 B.Tech. (Hons.) Chemical Engineering 4 Years Bio-molecular Engineering, Ceramics, Corrosion Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Industrial Gas.
59 B.Tech. (Hons.) Civil Engineering 4 Years Soil Mechanics, Steel Structure Design, Irrigation Engg. and Hydrology, Foundation Engineering.
60 B.Tech. (Hons.) Computer Science and Engineering 4 Years Logical & Functional Programming, Telecommunication Fundamentals, Information Theory and Coding, Computer Networks, Design & Analysis of Algorithms.
61 B.Tech. (Hons.) Electrical Communication Engineering 4 Years
62 B.Tech. (Hons.) Petroleum Engineering 4 Years Petroleum Formation Evaluation, Improved Oil Recovery and Reservoir Simulation, Petroleum Exploration, Petroleum Refining Technology.
63 B.Tech. (Humanities and Management) 4 Years
64 B.Tech. (Industrial and Production Engineering) 4 Years Metallurgy and Heat Treatment, Manufacturing Processes, Production Planning and Control, Casting, Forming & Welding, Industrial Automation.
65 B.Tech. (Industrial Biotechnology) 4 Years Bioinformatics, Bioprocess Engineering, Bioethics, Immunology, Genetic Engineering.
66 B.Tech. (Industrial Engineering and Management) 4 Years Financial Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Operations Research, Supply Chain, Ergonomics.
67 B.Tech. (Industrial Engineering) 4 Years Management of Inventory Systems, Casting, Forming and Welding, Engineering Economy, Costing and Accounting.
68 B.Tech. (Industrial Microbiology) 4 Years Elementary Biology, Biophysics, Mechanics & Transport Process, Molecular Biology, Enzymology & Enzyme Technology.
69 B.Tech. (Information and Communication Technology) 4 Years
70 B.Tech. (Information Science and Engineering) 4 Years Networking, Operating Systems, Design and analysis of Algorithms, Database Management, File Structures.
71 B.Tech. (Information Technology) 4 Years Computer Communication Network, Introduction to Web Technology, Management Information Systems, Applications of Microprocessor.
72 B.Tech. (Infrastructure Engineering) 4 Years Computer-Aided Engineering Graphics, Concrete Technology, Engineering Geology, Soil Mechanics, Water Resource Engineering.
73 B.Tech. (Instrumentation and Control Engineering) 4 Years Linear Electronics, Control System Components, Applied Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Biomedical Instrumentation.
74 B.Tech. (Instrumentation Engineering) 4 Years Basics of Industrial Sociology, Economics, and Management, Linear Integrated Circuits, Control System Components, Fuzzy Logic Control.
75 B.Tech. (Leather Technology) 4 Years Leather Goods and Garment Technology, Footwear Technology, Organisation and Management of Leather Manufacture, Tannery Waste Management.
76 B.Tech. (Mainframe Technology) 4 Years Software Engineering and UML, Z/OS services, Advanced IDE, HTML Programming, Storage Technology Foundation.
77 B.Tech. (Manufacturing & Management) 4 Years
78 B.Tech. (Manufacturing Technology) 4 Years Modern methods of manufacture, Metal Cutting and Machine Tools, Materials Handling and Automation, Engineering Metrology.
79 B.Tech. (Marine Engineering) 4 Years Marine Boiler and Steam Engineering, Marine IC Engineering, Ship Construction, Naval Architecture, Power Plant Operation.
80 B.Tech. (Material Science Engineering) 4 Years Industrial Economics, Phase Equilibrium in Materials, Fundamentals of Materials Processing, Industrial Management.
81 B.Tech. (Mathematics and Computing) 4 Years Discrete Mathematics, Digital Design, Data Structures and Algorithms, Monte Carlo Simulation, Data Communication.
82 B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering) 4 Years Theory of Machines, Machine Drawing and Computer Graphics, Dynamics of Machinery, Electrical Machines and Control.
83 B.Tech. (Mechatronics Engineering) 4 Years Materials Technology, Mathematics for Mechatronic Systems, Instrumentation and Control Systems, Manufacturing Technology.
84 B.Tech. (Medical Electronics) 4 Years Logic Design, Electronic Instrumentation, Microcontrollers, Signals & Systems, Biomedical Instrumentation, Biological Control Systems.
85 B.Tech. (Metallurgical Engineering) 4 Years Metallurgical Thermodynamics, Mineral Beneficiation, Transport Phenomena, Elements of Physical Metallurgy, Machine Elements, and Machining.
86 B.Tech. (Metallurgy) 4 Years
87 B.Tech. (Mineral Engineering) 4 Years Environmental Engineering & Safety, Optimization Engineering, Mining Methods & Unit Operation, Material Handling Systems.
88 B.Tech. (Mining Engineering) 4 Years Environmental Aspects of Mining, Industrial Management, Design of Engineering Structures, Rock Mechanics.
89 B.Tech. (Missile Technology) 4 Years
90 B.Tech. (Nanotechnology) 4 Years Elements of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Nanochemistry, Microscopy to Nanoscopy, Micro and Nanofabrication.
91 B.Tech. (Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering) 4 Years
92 B.Tech. (Nuclear Power Technology) 4 Years
93 B.Tech. (Nuclear Science & Engineering) 4 Years Molecular and Cell Biology, Computer in Reactor Analysis, Reactor Theory, and Kinetics.
94 B.Tech. (Oil & Gas Informatics) 4 Years Storage Technology Foundation, Understanding Petrochemicals, Production Engineering.
95 B.Tech. (Optics and Optoelectronics) 3 Years
96 B.Tech. (Packaging Technology) 4 Years
97 B.Tech. (Paint Technology) 4 Years
98 B.Tech. (Petrochemical Engineering) 4 Years Petroleum Geology and Exploration, Petrochemical Process, Modelling and Simulation, Advanced Petroleum Refining.
99 B.Tech. (Pharmaceutical Technology) 4 Years Pharmaceutical process calculation, Pharmaceutical Engineering Laws, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Physiology & Pharmacology, Chemical & Biothermodynamics.
100 B.Tech. (Physical Sciences) 4 Years Remote Sensing and Applications, Classical Mechanics, Earth System Science, Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences.
101 B.Tech. (Plastic Technology) 4 Years Basics of Polymers, Polymer Physics, Latex Technology, Plastics Processing and Machinery, Technology of Tires and Tubes.
102 B.Tech. (Polymer Engineering) 4 Years Plastics Product Design, PVC Piping, Latex Product Manufacturing, Manufacturing of Transmission Systems.
103 B.Tech. (Polymer Technology) 4 Years Polymer Chemistry, Polymer Structure, and Property Relationship, Physical Chemistry of Polymers, Polymer Compounding Technology.
104 B.Tech. (Power Engineering) 3 Years Thermodynamics, Materials Science and Technology, Advance Power Generation Technology, Power System Operation.
105 B.Tech. (Power System Engineering) 4 Years Power Generation Engineering, Power Plant Electrical Machines & Systems, Power Transmission, Power Electronics & Electrical Drives.
106 B.Tech. (Printing Technology) 4 Years Flexography, Graphic Design, Electronic Composition, Gravure Technology, Printing Management.
107 B.Tech. (Production Engineering) 4 Years Metallurgy & Material Science, Electrical Technology, Metrology and Instrumentation, Dynamics of Machinery.
108 B.Tech. (Robotics Engineering) 4 Years Rigid Body Velocity, Jacobian, Mechanical Designs, Forward Kinematics, Force Control, and Haptics.
109 B.Tech. (Rubber Technology) 4 Years Polymer Science and Technology, Plastics Technology, Specialty Polymers, Synthetic Rubbers.
110 B.Tech. (Safety and Fire Engineering) 4 Years Disaster Mitigation, Fire Communication Systems, Hydraulics, Town Planning.
111 B.Tech. (Silk Technology) 4 Years Silk Reeling Technology, Silk Fabric Manufacturer, Yarn Manufacture, Knitting Technology.
112 B.Tech. (Software Engineering) 4 Years Computer Networks, Software Testing, Software Design, Software Architecture.
113 B.Tech. (Space Technology) 4 Years Introduction to Space Vehicle, Atomic, Molecular and Nuclear Physics, Environmental Science and Engineering.
114 B.Tech. (Telecommunication Engineering) 4 Years Fuzzy logic and Neural Networks, Digital Systems, Digital Communication, VHDL, and VLSI.
115 B.Tech. (Textile Chemistry) 4 Years Yarn Formation, Fabric Formation, Information Technology in Textile, Design, and Structure of Fabric.
116 B.Tech. (Textile Engineering) 4 Years Fabric Manufacturer, Textile Chemical Processing, Yarn Manufacturer.
117 B.Tech. (Urban & Regional Planning) 4 Years
118 B.Tech. (Water Resources Engineering) 4 Years Water Control and Measurement, Water Resources Engineering, Surface drainage Systems, Groundwater Technology.

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