Asian Paints Colour Book for Interior and Exterior PDF

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Asian Paints Colour Book 2024

Asian Paints Colour Book for Interior and Exterior

Asian Paints has 2200+ wall shades to choose. Selecting a wall colour for your home from a wall paint colors catalogue is an important process in creating the overall design and feel of the space.

Summer is ideal for house painting due to low humidity and good drying conditions. However, one must avoid painting in direct sunlight to prevent issues like cracks and peeling.

Types of Paints and Their Benefits

Paints come in various types, each designed for specific uses, and selecting the right one can significantly impact your home’s aesthetics, and affect the different colours for house painting, and its durability. When choosing the house paint types, consider these types:

Asian Paints Types

Types of Paints – Interior Section

  • Latex (Water-Based) Paint: Ideal for interior walls and ceilings, this type dries quickly and is easy to clean. It emits fewer fumes, making it a good choice for indoor spaces.
  • Oil-Based Paint: Known for its durability, oil-based paint is suitable for high-traffic areas. It creates a smooth finish but requires longer drying times and proper ventilation due to stronger fumes.

Types of Paints – Exterior Section

  • Acrylic (Water-Based) Paint: Resistant to cracking and fading, acrylic paint is excellent for exteriors. It offers good adhesion and weather protection, making it a reliable choice.
  • Oil-Based Paint: Provides a sturdy, protective finish for outdoor surfaces. It’s particularly useful for wooden or metal surfaces but requires longer drying times and adequate ventilation.

Types of Paints – Specialty Section

  • Epoxy Paint: Used on floors and surfaces exposed to high traffic or moisture, epoxy paint provides exceptional durability and resistance.
  • Chalkboard Paint: Great for creating functional and creative spaces, it transforms walls or furniture into chalkboards.
  • Heat-Resistant Paint: Ideal for surfaces near stoves or fireplaces, this paint withstands high temperatures.
  • Anti-Mold and Mildew Paint: Prevents mold growth and is suitable for damp areas like bathrooms.

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