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The Art of Being Alone Renuka Gavrani
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The Art of Being Alone Renuka Gavrani

The Art of Being Alone is not just another book. It’s a story of my life. I have been alone for the majority of my life. And I still am. The only difference is, earlier I used to wish for the kind of best friend who will save me and now I enjoy every day with myself, doing things that I always wanted to and using my ‘alone time’ to GROW MYSELF and build my dream life.

And through my book, I want to take you on the journey of being cool with being alone. I have spent most of my life wishing for people to stay or have fun with me while ignoring my soul waiting for me to pay attention to myself. I know it’s tough to be lonely. But I promise, it’s fun to be alone. And it’s even more amazing when you use your alone time to build your dream life, achieve your goals, and fall in love with yourself.

We fear loneliness because we have been manipulated into believing that loneliness is a curse. And in the hope of finding people, we often end up losing ourselves and doing things that we hated in the first place. Why? Why do you hate the idea of being with yourself so much that you are ready to settle for the bare minimum?

But enough is enough. I have divided this book into two sections. The first section is about transforming loneliness into solitude. And the second section is about how you can use your solitude to turn into your growth period. If you are ready to transform your perception around loneliness and if you are all set to achieve your goals using your ‘alone time’ then welcome to ‘The Art of Being Alone’

‘The Art of Being Alone’ is for every person who wants to learn how to use your alone time in a way that you fall in love with your current life while also feeling excited to work toward your dream life. If you are still victimizing your character because you were left behind, it’s time to turn the table around and build the life you always wished for.

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