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Anchor Roma Switche Price List
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Anchor Roma Switch Price List

Anchor Roma Switches are very quality thermo-setting plastic that can withstand electrical surges or heat. It is designed and manufactured with Japanese technology by Panasonic. The design of the Roma switches is sleek and elegant which could give an extra touch to our home interior. Anchor Roma Urban Switch 10A, 1Way, 1M (66101). The quality of Anchor Switches in what helps us in staying ahead of our competitors.

The price range for Roma Modular Switches in India is 120–12,280 INR, with a minimum purchase need of 10–10,000. You may browse and locate the greatest items from Tradeindia, whether you’re looking for Modular Switches by B’Five, Anchor Roma Modular Switch, White Anchor Roma Modular Switches, etc.

Anchor Roma Switch Price List 2024

Product Price
Roma Urban 10A switch Rs. 50
Roma Urban socket Rs. 119
Anchor Penta Modular 6AX 2Way Switch, 1M (65002) Rs. 64.90
Anchor Ziva 16A Switch with Neon 1 Way, 1M (68077) ₹57.82
Anchor Penta Modular 6A Switch 1Way, 1M (65001) ₹27.14
Anchor Ziva Blank Plate, 1M (68503) ₹11.80
Anchor Ziva Fan Regulator Dura, 100W Step, 2M (68302) ₹221.84
Anchor Ziva 6A 1 Way Switch, 1Module (68001) ₹20.06

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