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3 U-Turns of My Life
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3 U-Turns of My Life

Manav Modi and Deepak Mehra couldn’t be more different from one another: one is modest, the other is flashy; one is quiet, the other is obnoxious; one wants to be wealthy, the other was born into luxury. They have nothing in common except than their feelings for Urvashi.

They are “friends,” though. They split up, only to reunite in a web of fate that pits them against one another and puts their patience, friendship, love, and even career choice to the test! He’d said, “Unlike flamboyant MBAs, CAs are very conservative and live meager lives like cockroaches.” And I was motivated to become the greatest chartered accountant ever by my MBA race. At all. The Three Reversals in My Life?

About the Author

Jitendra Gianchandani (a.k.a. Jeetu) is a Chartered Accountant (yawn) by education. He is a founding partner of JCA Consulting Group based in Dubai. At present he lives in Dubai with his family and fifty-two domestic staff, including his pets. To know more about Jitendra, pick up this book.

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