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12th Hindi Book Writer Name List

12th Hindi Book Writer Name List

Antra, Vitan, Aroh, and Antral the NCERT Class 12 Hindi books contain lots of Awesome chapters to improve students Reading and Writing skills. If you want to understand the complex topics of the Hindi Language in an easy way then you can use NCERT Class 12 Hindi books. CBSE Hindi Elective Class 12 Book has two books i.e. Aroh & Vitan.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is one of India’s largest educational boards. In CBSE, Hindi is a subject that is emphasized, especially for Class 12 students. The NCERT Class 12 Hindi book offers a comprehensive overview of course content for the current academic year and updates based on revisions made by the board.

12th Hindi Book Writer Name List – Antra (अंतरा)

Aaroh Hindi Book Class 12 Download

Chapter 1 – हरिवंश राय बच्चन
Chapter 2 – आलोक धन्वा
Chapter 3 – कुंवर नारायण
Chapter 4 – रघुवीर सहाय
Chapter 5 – गजानन माधव मुक्तिबोध
Chapter 6 – शमशेर बहादुर सिंह
Chapter 7 – सूर्यकांत त्रिपाठी निराला
Chapter 8 – तुलसीदास
Chapter 9 – फ़िराक गोरखपुरी
Chapter 10 – उमाशंकर जोशी
Chapter 11 – महादेवी वर्मा
Chapter 12 – जैनेन्द्र कुमार
Chapter 13 – धर्मवीर भारती
Chapter 14 – फणीश्वरनाथ रेणु
Chapter 15 – विष्णु खरे
Chapter 16 – रज़िया सज्जाद जहीर
Chapter 17 – हजारी प्रसाद द्विवेदी
Chapter 18 – बाबा साहेब भीमराव अंबेडकर

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