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11 Rules for Life Chetan

11 Rules for Life Chetan

One summer afternoon, Viraj, a food delivery guy, brings lunch for an author named Chetan. He is late and appears to be in distress. When Chetan asks him what the matter is, Viraj breaks down.

‘I hate my life. My career is going nowhere. My girlfriend left me. I have no future,’ he says.

The author offers Viraj a deal. ‘I can fix this for you. Come back every day, when I order lunch. Each day, I will tell you one secret I’ve learnt about life.’

Welcome to 11 Rules for Life, a no-holds-barred book that will transform your life.

In his most personal book yet, Chetan draws on his failures and triumphs, his many conversations with high achievers from all walks of life and over two decades as a celebrated motivational speaker.

Written in the inimitable style that has made Chetan one of India’s top-selling writers, this inspiring, easy-to-read and straight-talking guide will help you rewire your brain for success in today’s ultra-competitive and unfair world.

Ready to live your best life?

If one book can change your life, this is it.

This Book will published on 26th Feb 2024 and you can but this book from the Amazon and we provide the direct link to buy this book when available.

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